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Baseball is the newest sport in Bhutan. Baseball and softball were introduced to Bhutan in 2013 through the the efforts of former international athlete Karma Dorji and Matthew DeSantis, an American who co-founded the association that now directs the sport. 2021 will be a significant period for baseball and softball development in Bhutan. Play Global, a non-profit organization from the United States, will organize a camp for players and coaches. The first Interschool Championship is also planned for 2021. For more details check out Bhutan Baseball.


Bhutan has one of the lowest literacy rates in Asia, and before READ established our first Center there, there was only one public lending library in the entire country. Bhutan was closed off from the rest of the modern world until the 1960s.

READ Global is one of the only international non-profit organizations operating in Bhutan.​

Some of our most popular trainings in Bhutan include:

  • Literacy programs – in partnership with the Ministry of Education

  • Reading and writing groups

  • Computer literacy classes

  • Women’s health classes

  • Community radio

  • Livelihood skills trainings for women home-based workers

  • Small scale business skills and management

  • Women’s leadership and civic participation

The majority of funding for READ Global activities in Bhutan is made available by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has provided a matching grant to READ Global to replicate the model it has created in Nepal and India.

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The Bhutan Storytelling Series is a collaboration between the Dragon Kidz channel and the Magic Libraries Foundation which promotes reading and learning for young children in Bhutan, especially during the Covid-19 lockdowns and school closures.

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BESKOP | Films from BHUTAN

The first film-streaming platform of CINEMA from BHUTAN

There is no better way to understand a place or a people than through the lens of indigenous filmmakers. For a nominal fee you can watch award-winning films produced by Bhutanese filmmakers. Let these films be your guide through rare glimpses of a country steeped in tradition and faith and alive with meaning, nuance, and redemption - not just for the characters in the films, but the for the audience whose viewing will awaken a deeper sense of what it means to be from the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

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